The Peacocks

Fresh out of university, twenty-three year-old Archie finds himself coasting through life until a surprise panic attack forces him to face up to some inconvenient truths. Quitting his dead-end job, Archie relocates to Berlin in search of something different, determined to stave off adulthood for as long possible. Alone in a strange city, Archie’s eyes are opened to a realm of new experiences, thanks in part to the local men who help him navigate his adopted home. But as Archie soon discovers, life has a way of making problems that can’t be easily fixed by a change of surroundings and a stream of handsome strangers.

As his friends embark on successful careers back home, Archie is left feeling directionless, missing the simpler days of university and wondering how he lost his way. In his search for answers, Archie is forced to confront more than his own existential panic, learning that peace of mind is often found in the unlikeliest of places.

The Peacocks is available to download here.

Death Of A Princess

Death Of A PrincessFollowing the assassination of England’s Princess Valerie, the country is plunged into a period of paranoia and fear. Against a backdrop of violence, widespread disillusionment and social isolation, a nation must attempt to make sense of the murder of one of the most controversial figures of its age.

Set in the fractured city of Birmingham, Death of a Princess follows a host of characters as they navigate the social injustices of the modern world. A wealthy activist abandons his privileged lifestyle to champion the causes of the underclass, a teenage girl takes up a life of prostitution to escape her impoverished childhood and a young idealist finds love in a world of alienation. But in an age where nations are chewed up by war, violence lurks around every corner and people shun reality in favour of self-medication and online simulations – is there ever hope for a happy ending?

One Week of Summer
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Johnny and George are two fresh-faced eighteen year-olds, determined to make the most of their last summer of freedom before heading out into the big, bad world. The boys leave their hometown of Nottingham to search for excitement among the bright lights of London, having booked tickets to see one of their favourite bands in concert.

These best-laid schemes are soon derailed, however, when party-mad Johnny meets Lara, a beautiful stranger on her way to Spain for a relaxing holiday alone. Not one to pass up an opportunity to chase a pretty girl, Johnny tries to convince his reserved best friend that a holiday in Spain is just what they need. Disappointed George was hoping for some quality time with his buddy, but nevertheless agrees, unable to resist Johnny’s powers of persuasion. What neither boy knows, however, is that Lara is trying to escape some demons of her own, and what initially seems like a relaxing week in the sun, turns out to be the ultimate test of Johnny and George’s friendship.

One Week Of Summer is a fast-paced ride through seven tumultuous days for three confused, lonely and horny young adults. Narrated through the eyes of a multitude of characters, the novel offers a glimpse into the exciting, but often heart-breaking, lives of the youth of the twenty-first century, desperate for happiness, love and just one more unforgettable night…


Angel coverCambridge University isn’t everything Lewis wanted it to be. Still hung up on a lost love affair from the past and surrounded by friends he loves and loathes in equal measure, Lewis’ life takes a dramatic turn after a chance encounter with homeless Rosie.

Desperately seeking meaning among the vacuous student lifestyle, Lewis embarks on a quest to help those without homes and without voices. Through a string of secret and sordid affairs with strange men he meets online, Lewis tries to raise money for his new homeless friends. Along the way he’ll encounter a transvestite with the lips of Brigitte Bardot, a gorgeous French traveler, and a slew of lonely men willing to pay for satisfaction.

But as Lewis delves further into the depraved, secret life of Cambridge’s backstreets, his faith in humanity and hope for his own future decline rapidly. How low is he willing to sink to make some cash?