Fresh out of university, twenty-three year-old Archie finds himself coasting through life until a surprise panic attack forces him to face up to some inconvenient truths. Quitting his dead-end job, Archie relocates to Berlin in search of something different, determined to stave off adulthood for as long possible. Alone in a strange city, Archie’s eyes are opened to a realm of new experiences, thanks in part to the local men who help him navigate his adopted home. But as Archie soon discovers, life has a way of making problems that can’t be easily fixed by a change of surroundings and a stream of handsome strangers.

As his friends embark on successful careers back home, Archie is left feeling directionless, missing the simpler days of university and wondering how he lost his way. In his search for answers, Archie is forced to confront more than his own existential panic, learning that peace of mind is often found in the unlikeliest of places.

The Peacocks is available to download here.